I was saddened to hear of the loss of one of the best bass builders that the world has ever seen. 

Mike, as reported in the Seattle Times, had “died Feb. 12 after a brief battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, while he was healing from back surgery. He had just turned 66.”

I found out a couple of days after it was posted (Feb. 14) on the Mike Lull Custom Guitars & Guitarworks Facebook page.

Pearl Jam had posted (Feb. 15) Mike Lull Remembered, which goes into detail about how vital Mike was to them for 30 years. 

Mike was born in Eugene, Oregon, in 1954. Five years later, Mike moved to Bellevue, Washington. In 1976, Mike opened up his “Guitar Works” shop in his hometown of Bellevue. The shop (even with the addition of “Custom Guitars” in 1995) has been (and still is) in Bellevue for nearly 45 years.   


I currently own two incredible basses built by Mike that are simply out of this world. Also, I love the custom T-Bass pickups. 

Here is my custom ordered (now, discontinued, thank you Gibson) NRT4 (also, hand-signed by Mike on the back of the headstock) which is one of two to sport this unique Fireglo finish (the second one was a NAMM special).

Also, here is my JT4 fretless. The ebony fingerboard is fantastic. 


Mike Lull Custom Guitars & Guitar Works will continue in honor of Mike’s legacy. So, if you are in the market for a new bass, I highly suggest that you check out the new Stu Cook Signature Model. Because, I have got my eye on a four-string version!

RIP Mr. Lull. The world of bass will not be the same without you.