In 1992, I was teaching at Ron’s Music in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, when I had the opportunity to meet Michael Manring. Michael was in town doing a clinic at Ron’s that was sponsored by Zon Guitars, where I also met Joe Zon. I managed to get to Ron’s first to set up a camera and tripod to record the event. I need to find and digitize that video at some point! After the event, I asked Michael about his right-hand technique: amazingly fluid, with an elevated economy of motion, and deadly!

If you happen to be unaware of Michael’s past collaborations, check out works of the late great Michael Hedges. Then move on to Michael’s killer solo albums such as Drastic Measures, Thonk, The Book of Flame, and Soliloquy.

Michael recently (April 30th, 2020) released a new solo bass album Small Moments. You can check out Small Moments on Michael’s Bandcamp page.


Here is Sardonic Grin off Small Moments:

Check out this super cool new (May 22nd, 2020) documentary Sound Visions featuring Michael Manring:


I have owned a few Zon Sonus (4, 5, and 6 string) basses and still own a sweet Zon Legacy Elite fretless four-string. Here is my bass:

Now go check out what Michael Manring offers to the world of bass and buy an EBbow.

Rock on!