Hey All,

If you have not heard, Marilyn Manson bassist Juan Alderete was in a severe accident where he sustained a brain injury.

There is a “GoFundMe” page with all the info: Fundraiser: Juan Alderete Brain Injury

Check out Juan in this 2015 Earthquaker Devices demo.

I just discovered (and purchased) this cool release that Juan is on with drummer extraordinaire Mark Guiliana, who played on David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album.

I was at the Saturday show, where I saw Juan’s command of the instrument early in his career with Racer X.

In 2016, Juan wrote about his time at the Musicians Institute (where Juan and I both attended) on his “Pedals & Effects” blog. You can read about it here: Throwback Thursday: Musicians Institute & Putter Smith

I, too, had studied with Putter Smith. What Juan omitted from his blog is that Putter was in a James Bond movie (now, how cool is that)! Here is a brief clip from “Diamonds are Forever” with Putter Smith as Mr. Kidd.

So, if you can, help Juan now as this is a massive blow to the bass community.

Thanks for your support.

Rock on!