What’s your favorite music?

The number one question that I get is simply “what is your favorite music”… you would think that after nearly forty years as a musician that I would have a quick answer… I do not. I always stop to think about what I’m into at that very moment that I’m being asked the question since I have a tendency to have a very broad reach regarding genre. It’s almost easier to answer what is my least favorite music… but, I’ll save that one for another time!

As a young practicing musician, the rock guys always thought that I was a jazz guy… the jazz guys thought that I was a rock guy and the funk guys were simply down with what I was bringing to the table being that I’ve always loved syncopated sixteenth note rhythms. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in my career focused on the country and blues genres playing upwards of two hundred and fifty gigs a year during a seven year run.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating about fusing my favorite styles into an original album. Knowing how I work, that will probably not happen anytime soon being that I have a tendency to focus my writing within the Modern Rock genre (and would love to finally finish “Is What It Is”). That being said, I would still be very much into releasing a fusion album at some point.

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours (recording/mixing/mastering/releasing) creating a 100% improvised one take bass jam that fuses elements of funk, jazz and rock. It was a total blast making this and I just might have to take a new direction after the completion of “Is What It Is”… but, don’t hold your breath on that one!

Here’s that fusion jam from yesterday that I’ve simply titled “fuse”… check it out!

Update:  Thanks for making Fuse number 1 on the hearthis.at instrumental charts (2/27/2017-3/5/2017)!