The OX, Thunder Fingers and what a great bass

I’ve been digging deeper into the work of the late great rock bassist John Entwistle (1944-2002).  When I was studying in Hollywood at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music, I recall a conversation that the Bass Chair had with John about stopping by the school to give a bass seminar.  John’s reply was “Me… what could I teach”?  Seriously!!!  Entwistle’s unabandoned solo bass style was so unique and we all wanted to figure out the secret.  I (we) totally missed out on that one!  Sure, by listening to The Who you can tell that John was most comfortable rocking out on the Pentatonic patterns… but, it so doesn’t matter!

If anyone comes across this bass (made by Status Graphite in England)… contact me!

Buzzard Bass

Now for Mr. John Entwistle (A.K.A. “The OX” or “Thunder Fingers”) rocking out on his Status Buzzard Bass: