The Music Business and YOU!

So, you want to be a rock star… no, not really… how about a full time successful musician?

Just like any startup business where you are the sole proprietor that needs to be entrepreneur with your hands in as many verticals as humanly possible, you need only one primary focus… to build relationships (yes, I’m talking about networking but, with a slight twist).

Some will say that “it’s who you know” but, WHO KNOWS YOU is even more important. You need to spend your time networking with anyone in the industry that may see the value that YOU can add to their cause. Most people approach this from the other side. Being that there are no rules, you could do that but… this is better (IMHO)!

So Joe, How can I work in the music industry? Well, like any industry it can be somewhat complicated but… don’t rely on the gatekeepers to get you where you need to be.  The underground (or hidden) job market IS truly the way to stay employed… it is the most sustainable way where you can build upon many solid opportunities for a successful career.

Can I give you all of the “secrets” in this blog post… of course not but, I can get you thinking about an approach that you may have not considered. Many people feel that they only way to find work is through some sort of formal job search or submission process. Avoid that at all costs being that it will waste more time and at the end of chasing your tail you will find yourself still unemployed. Rely on the relationships that you have built to take your career further faster. I can’t say this enough, networking is NOT about YOU it is about how YOU can make a difference in the relationship.

If you master this early in your career endeavors, you just might end up being that rock star regardless!

Rock on!