I can’t say that I’m shocked about his age due to my own personal experiences but, there has been a void that will go unfulfilled being such a great loss to the music world.

I got my first (gold) experience with the Purple Rain movie and… I hated it!  Why… well, I was only a teen and didn’t understand it (today, I find the Blu-Ray to be awesome!).  Jump ahead to the early 1990’s and I found myself performing with a group of musicians that were deep into Prince. We had covered many (Gett Off, Pop Life, A Love Bizarre, etc…) of his tunes and I got to sample much of his work (what a groove on Sexy MF). But what did it for me was his 1996 release Chaos and Disorder.  It was the heaviest album that Prince would release (the 1998 Crystal Ball was also great… just not heavy).  Prince had even developed some bass chops from studying with the one and only Larry Graham as Prince would then release Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (another amazing release) featuring Larry Graham that would usher in the millennium.  Later, the Musicology and 3121 releases ended up being iconic.  Then, Prince had clearly plateaued with his group (that were killer live) 3RDEYEGIRL.

Today, I am truly broken being that we have just lost one of the greatest musical geniuses of our time.


RIP 2U PRINCE (Prince Rogers Nelson… June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016… 57 years old)… you will go down in music history as one of the greats!

Springsteen paid tribute on April 23, 2016, who told the audience “Whenever I saw Prince, I left the show humbled,” concluded the performance saying “Prince Forever. God bless.”

Take my name… I don’t need it… Nothing stays the same anyway… Take my fame I can’t use it… Take this bass… I can’t play it… It only makes me wish for… the way it used to be…