Pledge is great for furniture… not so sure about music

With many artists moving to crowdfunding platforms in an attempt to raise the money needed to release product, a high percentage of these so called fund raising initiatives are overpromising and underdelivering.

I won’t use specifics but, one campaign has been over the goal requested since 2013.  “One month left to pledge” was stated in December of 2013 for a 2014 music documentary.  It is now November 2015 with still “102 days left” in the campaign… what?

Another (music documentary) campaign was offering a Blu-Ray for $30.00.  After a year of (delays and) putting up with countless requests (from a well known artist with a net worth of $15 million dollars) to peddle yet more overpriced merch (some related to the campaign and some not), DVDs were shipped (not Blu-Rays).  Some have pledged $42.00 for the same DVD/Blu-Ray option and may have better luck actually getting what they had hoped for.  Nothing like feeling that you’ve been robbed when you can pre-order exactly the same thing on Amazon for $13.99 (DVD) and $17.99 (Blu-Ray)… both which are CLEARLY MARKED (no need to guess what you will be getting) and at over 50% less!

By all means roll the dice to support artists that can use the funding to complete a worthy project but, backer beware.  You may not be getting what you think that you’ll be getting… if you even get it at all!

Check this out (not music related but…):  After raising $3.6 million, Europe’s most successful Kickstarter project has folded.