Perfection vs Artistic Creation

This has been an interesting topic over the past 30+ years that had started with the popularity of MIDI sequencing. Modern music production has more tools in its arsenal than ever before. I have MUCH more power than The Beatles ever had… in my laptop (soon to be cell phone)!

With great power should come great responsibility. From the perfection perspective, any element of an audio production can be “made” perfect today. Here’s an example (below) of what some of that looks like. Replication is as easy as simply dragging the file and it will automatically and seamlessly repeat as long as you would like.


Similar to The Wizard of Oz, music producers are working some serious magic behind the curtain. But, I believe that people may be thinking “fix it in the mix” before capturing the essence of what an artist can bring regarding their best performance… no matter how long that it takes! I’m not knocking the tools that we have today with regards to the creation of recorded music but, it should always be music first and how I’m going to capture the music second.  Production techniques should only assist with the creation of new music and not be the driving force.

Maybe that’s why I find myself drawn to creating 100% improvised jam band music. There’s no net and no one there to drag, drop, copy, paste, stretch, sync, clip, correct or quantize. You’re only as good as the art that you create in the moment and you have to keep pushing yourself to better upon what you just created as it flies by in not so perfect fashion.  Here’s an example of that experience (captured live over the internet from Austin, San Francisco and Vancouver).

Oh yeah, “IS WHAT IT IS” remains in production.  I was hoping to see a 2016 release but, it may get pushed into 2017.  As the great Orson Welles had once said, “there will be no MUSIC before its time”… or something like that!

Rock on!

Hold the phone… speaking of NOT PERFECT and not ROCK, here is a trance (ha… yes, I just typed that!) jam that was recorded live by the great Rook (in Slovenia). Then, Karl Jurczyk (the super amazing drummer that you heard in the above SupermassiveMomentum rock jams) laid down a one take drum track over Rook’s electronica genius. Then I took the recording, grabbed a bass and created a first take (zero rehearsal, zero preparation and zero time listening to anything that was previously recorded) track that was super fun! We may have just created a sub-genre… JamTrance!

Rave on you hipsters!