Now you can really HearThis.At

Being an artist that is constantly creating new ear candy, I’ve been searching for a SoundCloud alternative and I finally found it! HearThis.At is AWESOME!  So, what makes it so great? Well, being that I’m a “pro” or “premium” user (meaning that I have unlimited access to both service providers) the sound quality is simply NIGHT and DAY!  SoundCloud currently charges $135 (and they say that I’m getting a discount… hmm… really…) and HearThis.At is (currently) UNDER $35!!!

Without getting too tech (okay… hang on…), the difference is in the audio transcoding.  SoundCloud uses 128kbps and HearThis.At uses 320kbps (even though they say that they’re not transcoding… regardless, it sounds wonderful). To keep it even-steven, the same exact two track stereo master recording file was uploaded to both services.  I used a FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) file mastered at 44.1 kHz 16 bit (from my original 96 kHz 24 bit file).

So, will I be posting anything to SoundCloud in the future… of course (due to the massive user base) but, all of my SoundCloud posts will have a link to the Hi-Fi HearThis.At audio stream.

Now click below to get your HearThis.At Premium (free won’t get you the FLAC upload needed for the amazing sound quality) account (currently 25 Euro per year and they take PayPal) and thank me later!

I want to become a HearThis.At Premium Supporter (because it is AWESOME!)