Musicians Institute a look back

I was recently reflecting back on the time (a long time ago) that I spent living on Hollywood Boulevard when I was a full time student at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music (MI for short). My second week in Hollywood I was kidnapped by Scientology but, that’s a completely different story!!! It was a great time to be at the school. Just looking from a bassists perspective, the teachers (and “regulars”) were monsters. I’ve been very fortunate to have studied with and learned from some of the very best in the business. Here’s a “quick list” (in no particular order):

Steve Bailey (who now holds the Bass Chair at Berklee College of Music)
Jeff Berlin
Tim Bogert
Paul Farnen
Jim Lacefield
Carl Cedar
Bob Magnussen
Putter Smith (still at MI)
John Humphrey
Alexis Skljarevski (still at MI)
Billy Sheehan (yes, I’ve played “the wife” bass)
Stu Hamm

The guitar teachers at the time were also amazing that included:

Scott Henderson (still at MI)
Paul Gilbert
Nick Nolan (who I played with every chance that I got)
Frank Gamble
Steve Trovato (also had a blast backing up Steve)
Jennifer Batten

And who could forget Carl Schroeder (keys) with the mad theory skills!

I guess that I can’t leave out the drummers:

Joe Porcaro
Ralph Humphrey
Gary Hess (still at MI)
Ed Roscetti (still at MI)

And what you didn’t know, I played with Stewart Jean (current Drum Chair at MI) when we were teenagers!

If you are thinking about MI my suggestion is to simply DO IT. But, if you are able… I would study at Berklee in Boston, MA first… then, head out to Hollywood. Trust me… that’s the way to DO IT!