Music and Tech

Music has been associated with technology for like… ever. You can go back many, many centuries to research the evolution of music technologies… yeah, I won’t be doing that here!

It amazes me that in 2016 we are still in a file sharing (or live playing in the same building) environment with regards to the creation of new music (not distribution… that’s all about streaming).  In my perfect world, each musician across the universe would be connected wirelessly (nope, not getting into a latency discussion as that should no longer exist) to a hub of all of the world’s musicians. You could then simply load (active players that are available) all of the musicians that you want into a recording (writing or performing) session and have everything that is played automatically mixed (not mastered) and recorded.  You could then go back and fine tune (mix/master) the output.  Sounds easy… right? Today, it is possible to (somewhat) do this but you need to be connected directly to your computer/router (wireless today = too much latency). The result borders on acceptable (and requires a ton of post editing) but, even wired latency (seriously, thought that I wasn’t going to bring that up) can be (and usually is) an issue.

Hopefully either some old money giant music corporation or new money startup will once and for all bridge the gap between the artist’s ability to create music with anyone anywhere in real time (yes, JamKazam still works great) with zero limitations.

But until then, file sharing (or borrowing?) can and does work.

Here’s an example of a drum solo from YouTube (thanks to a drummer that I played with in the early ’90s) where I simply laid down a bass jam over the prerecorded take.

As I always say, I was born too soon… for tech.