Modulus Graphite Bass Website

You all should know how I feel about Modulus Graphite (Guitars… well, Basses!) by now but, they are BACK (yeah I know… I said that all ready… but now…) with a NEW and VERY MUCH improved website!

You can now get details on all of the current models.

Quantum TBX




Funk Unlimited


Funk Persuasion


Vintage J


While you’re there, stop by the shop… there’s a new (TKL Vectra) hardshell case design that is totally rad (can I say that… done…).

Check out some AWESOME videos.

Modulus Q5 5A Quilt Maple Mineral Stain Top & Aguilar

Modulus Bass Quantum 5 Buckeye

Modulus Bass Funk Unlimited J5

Modulus Bass Funk Unlimited J4 Epifani Pre-Amp

Modulus Funk Unlimited 4 Blue Flake Burst

Oh yeah… I went a bit PIN CRAZY… ENJOY!!!


And yes… these are my Quantum basses… and NO you can’t have them!