Meet your new music teacher Rick Beato

Wow… yes, that was my first impression on how Rick Beato approaches music and life. This guy is (and has been for many years) obsessed with everything music and it can help each and every one of us. Rick’s approach (for me) is one of familiarity (being that I too haven’t stopped on my quest to learn everything that there is to know with regards to everything music) and substance. Simply set aside some time to watch some of his MANY YouTube videos and you will simply walk away with a bit more knowledge than you showed up with… every single time (now, that’s impressive)! If you also agree (after checking out Rick’s YouTube channel:, I would recommend getting (it’s 27 years old and well worth the price) The Beato Book (.pdf download)! The book is 315 pages and includes a wealth of information to make you a better musician:

Here’s a sampling of what Rick Beato is all about (not in any particular order):