What I had learned still holds true

I never get personal in my posts and this will not be an exception but, I had an extremely solid life lesson many years ago that changed the way I think about… well… everything. Without getting deep, I have a few tips that may just work for others.  Attempt anything as long as you have a safety net. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t attempt things without a net but, it just may be a bit harder (i.e. take longer) to rebound if/when you fall. Always take opportunities that may lead you into uncharted territories. When you are playing it safe, you will not grow as fast as if you challenged yourself. Always ask yourself why (networking, education, financial, etc…) before you decide to do something. Never be concerned with failure being that the perception is in the eyes of others that simply do not (yet) understand. Invest in yourself and I’m not talking about gear. Get used to the fact that everything comes to an end… plan for it. And a favorite from one of my teachers (Putter Smith) long ago, always protect your hands (seems obvious but something that I should have done a better job at)!