Jamming online ready for prime time

You happen to be a drummer (guitar player, bass player, keyboard player or ANY musician) with your Neil Peart / Terry Bozzio SUPER SIZED drum kit mic’d, running through a mixer that is wired to an analog to digital USB interface connected to your computer (that happens to be getting its internet connection by way of a wired and not wireless connection …  seriously technology… get with the program)…. now what (send me an email… oh wait… I’ll save that for another time)?  Wouldn’t it be “cool” to jam with musicians from around the globe… is technology FINALLY ready?

I’ve been “testing” the online jamming scene since 2009.  There appears to be continued interest by players and (potential) service providers alike to have a platform that actually works (no glitches, crashes, clicks, pops, sync/latency issues, configuring challenges that NO ONE has time for, etc…).  Over the past decade (plus), there has even been a few individuals that have attempted to bring their “home grown” platforms to the forefront.

Looking at today’s landscape, here are some options:










I’m currently working with a new “home grown” platform (not listed above… still under development… still TOP SECRET) that has been the easiest to use yet, with the best feature set and quality.

Here’s an example of 3 musicians (yeah… I’m on bass) that haven’t play together before, that simply hooked up their instruments and was jamming online from thousands of miles away from each other:

Online Jam

So, is jamming online ready for prime time… well… we are getting closer!!!