JamKazam Update

So how is my second favorite Austin based startup company doing? Those who follow me know my feelings regarding music and technology so, when you have a company like JamKazam what’s there not to love? Being a relatively new (CrunchBase) company in the music industry, JamKazam is starting to make some progress. Hopefully you stopped by NAMM last month for an up close and personal demo.


If you haven’t made your way to the new (updated) website (what are you waiting for… this is FREE!!!) yet, here’s a peek at the much easier to navigate layout.


I won’t go into all of the details but, here’s a quick breakdown of the site navigation.

JamKazam is the portal to jam with musicians online anywhere in the world (you simply need a computer and audio interface).

JamBlaster is an audio interface (no computer needed!) that will greatly reduce latency (I suggest that you check this out but, I haven’t tried it being that it is currently in production).

JamTracks are the thousands (oh, and there is a fee for this but, you do get one JamTrack for free to try out) of professionally made cover tunes that you can mix (and record yourself playing with) anyway you want.

JamClass is the education portal for both teachers and students to give and get music lessons… without leaving your home, office or your favorite coffee shop!

You may think this is an audio only platform… no way!  The YouTube integration (after the initial setup) is as easy as it gets.  Regardless if you’re jamming with a band, having fun with a JamTrack or studying with industry pros, you can create a video to share with friends, refer back to when you’re going over this weeks lesson plan or to use to score that next big gig!

My primary use of JamKazam today is to create 100% improvised music. The process is amazingly simple. I hop on the computer, open up the JamKazam portal and plug in my bass… that’s it. After I’m finished jamming, I take the audio files from the session and dump them into my DAW (digital audio workstation). You don’t need to do this being that JamKazam gives you the mix of the session but, I’m a bit of an audiophile and want more control over the final mix. Speaking of audiophile, here’s a JamKazam sample with SupermassiveMomentum at 96Hz/32-bit that was recorded with me being just about 3,000 miles away from the drummer!!! (Please note that this HiFi file may not be compatible with your mobile device)

If you are a (beginner, intermediate or professional) musician, you really should check out JamKazam!