Gibson Guitars end Cakewalk now to PreSonus

Gibson Guitars just dropped a bomb (see below on November 17, 2017) advising that Cakewalk (DAW) will no longer be supported. I purchased a LIFETIME (as in free upgrades for life) license to Cakewalk Sonar Platinum for $499.00 (USD) 16 months ago. Being that I’m not very happy with Gibson‘s decision to take my $499.00 and leave me with nothing, I’ve decided that I WILL NOT PURCHASE A GIBSON PRODUCT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFETIME!

Here’s the “official” message from Gibson Guitars (brands).

Gibson Guitars Kills Cakewalk

I’ve decided to replace Cakewalk Sonar Platinum with PreSonus Studio One (version 3) and I must say that it is awesome! If you are looking for a Cakewalk alternative this may be your answer. If you act now (as in RIGHT NOW), PreSonus has a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale (ending 11/27/2017) where you can get Studio One for 50% off (I did… and I also picked up Notion 6 the PreSonus notation software package for 50% off).

The last time this happened to me was when Sony purchased Sonic Foundry. IMHO, there is no better .flac/.wav/.mp3/etc.. editing software than Sound Forge (audio studio currently $20 off thanks to Black Friday/Cyber Monday) that THANKFULLY was sold to Magix (where they updated the software to x64). Hey Gibson, how about selling Cakewalk to Magix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now… back to Gibson Guitars, my first “real” bass (in 1982,  two years after I started playing/studying the bass guitar) was a Gibson Victory Artist bass. Considering how Gibson has decided to treat their lifelong paying customers, if I were you… I would think twice about giving Gibson your money. I recently purchased a Mike Lull (check out my photo section) bass that has a vintage Gibson vibe but with a craftsmanship like no other!

If you are looking for a Gibson guitar (not bass) replacement, I HIGHLY recommend checking our Paul Reed Smith guitars… they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!