Modulus Quantum
Zon Legacy Elite
G. Gould GGi4
G. Gould GGj4
Mike Lull NRT4
Azola MiniBass

Bass Amplification
Mesa Boogie Subway
D-800+ Ultra-Lite 2×10
Epifani UL 902C
Epifani Piccolo 999
Epifani UL DIST 210
Epifani UL2 410
Ampeg SVT-8 PRO (USA)
Ampeg SVT-6 PRO (USA)
Ampeg SVT-3 PRO (USA)
Ampeg BXT-410HL4 (USA)
SWR 550x
Hartke HyDrive 112C
Hartke 410TP
Trace Elliot 715x
Trace Elliot 1028H
PJB Briefcase Signature

Electric Guitars

Guitar Amplification
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Custom
Mesa Boogie Mark 5 Twenty-Five

Acoustic Guitars
PRS Angelus
McPherson MG-4.5XP

Moody Leather

Jim Dunlop Jazz III

Roland Fantom X8
Roland V-Synth GT

Roland TD-15

Always looking for Modulus basses

I’m always on the look out for fretted and fretless four string and six string Modulus Quantum basses that were manufactured as early as 2000 (to current year). You can identify the year of a Modulus instrument by the first two digits in the serial number on the back of the headstock. If the number starts with 01 it is a 2001. Starting with 12 would be a 2012. 99 would be a 1999… you get the idea. So, if you happen to see a (used in great condition) bass for sale that reads MODULUS on the front bottom of the neck… (and you are in the U.S.) get in touch with me right away!

Thomastik-Infeld (S36S,S37S,S38S,S39S) S43 Spirocore
(for 41.5″ scale basses).
GHS (121,95,75,55,40,25) L3045X (40-95) + 121/25 singles
(for 35″ scale basses).
GHS (120,95,75,55,40,25) L3045 (40-95) + 120/25 singles
(for 34″ scale basses).
GHS (12,16,24,32,42,54) LJ30L
(for acoustic guitars).
GHS (9.5,11.5,16,24,32,44) GB9.5
(for electric guitars).