From Delaware… who’s your mentor

Getting “older” (it’s all relative) has one (if not many) key advantage.  You learn to listen and observe (understand/digest information) more so than when you were younger (again, relative).  I had the opportunity to hang (and drink “MAN” wine) with an amazing person, artist and entrepreneur this past weekend.  To be in a room with a music legend (and your fiancée… with no one else) for virtually 75 uninterrupted minutes is beyond priceless.  I walked away with a profound understanding on many aspects of the music industry.  If you’re simply just focused on your instrument, you will not grow as fast as if you had a mentor (even above and beyond anything scholastic).  Don’t get me wrong, learn everything that there is about your main instrument(s) of study but… don’t forget the importance of having a mentor to accelerate your potential faster than you had ever imagined.  So, who’s your mentor?