DLR (David Lee Roth BAND) Reunion… what

What a super group Mr. Roth had back in the (post Van Halen) day.  Steve Vai (guitar), BIlly Sheehan (bass), Greg Bissonette (drums) and Brett Tuggle on keys!  I was at one of the last Talas (Sheehan’s prior band) gigs before Billy got the call from Roth (well… the entire story is a bit longer with Steve Stevens from Billy Idol fame in the DLR band before Vai which Billy had recommended for the gig after things weren’t working out with Stevens).  Talas had opened up for Yngwie Malmsteen and I’ve been a Sheehan “fan” ever since.  Right between Billy’s DLR and Mr. Big gig (which was interesting to watch from the side lines as things developed), I was lucky to have had a chance to study (seminars at MI) with Billy.  I even got to play his wife (that’s what Billy called his number one bass of many… many years)… with a warning that she might cut me (a ton of “road mods” on this one)!


I was very surprised to hear of a possible DLR Band reunion of sorts (with the original band as there has been a few iterations).  There “was” a date (one show) scheduled for 11/25/2015 that was shut down by the local Fire Marshal being that the club was over crowded and there were a number of people still getting in the venue.  But… it ALMOST happened and is confirmed that it WILL happen!


Here’s more on the story:

David Lee Roth to reunite with solo band in the future



Here’s Steve and Billy doing “Shy Boy” on 12/12/2015:

And since I’m on “Shy Boy”, here’s a quick video run down of performances by The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, DLR and both the later and early line ups of Talas (with the original pre-DLR lyrics) all doing Shy Boy!!!