CYA 2017!

I’m writing (and posting) this from 30k feet. 2017 has been one of those years that I can’t wait to forget. We’ve lost entirely too many public figures (including many gifted musicians) that I won’t begin to address. To stay positive, we have seen growth in both technology and how modern music distribution (streaming) is finally being accepted by the masses. I’m currently using four (Tidal, Spotify, Nugs and HearThis.At) streaming platforms on a regular basis. YouTube Live has been a huge hit (I’m sure that I’ll be taking advantage of the platform soon enough) with many channels focusing on some form of education. Periscope needs to up their game regarding quality or they will be shutting their doors in 2018/2019. Regarding monetization in 2017, touring remained the leader within all verticals. I’m still looking to release IS WHAT IT IS in early 2018 but, as echoed by the famous Orson Wells… the release will happen when it’s time. Many changes are developing for 2018 (for me anyway)… so, here’s to a better 2018 than 2017 for everyone!