The best SoundCloud replacement for artists HearThis.At

Musicians (producers, engineers, etc…) strive for one thing when it comes to their music, as close to pristine audio quality as possible. If you haven’t checked it out, listen (on a audiophile quality system/headphones) to Tidal’s “Master” quality streaming audio files (you’ll need to use the Tidal desktop app)… they are “the bomb”!!!

Being an independent (i.e. not associated with a major label) artist, we like to have the ability to share (and manage i.e. takedown) new music as quickly as technology will allow. This includes all of the behind the scenes details of managing (title, cover, ISRC, copyright info, etc…) the releases. SoundCloud “was” the go to resource to make this happen until HearThis.At. The number one reason to switch from SoundCloud to HearThis.At is the streaming audio quality. Simply try it for yourself. I recommend uploading a .flac (96/24) master to both services and you will notice the poor 128kbps performance of SoundCloud (Pro Unlimited for $121.50 USD per year) and the awesome lossless (you will need to pick the lossless option when uploading from your premium account) performance of HearThis.At (Premium Account for $38.33 USD per year)!

Since I’m on the “streaming audio” topic, I’ll start by saying that this info from Ari’s Take is a Must Read:

When you want to get your music on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, etc… from my experience, RouteNote is simply the best! It will cost you absolutely nothing since they make money when you make money! It is the only way to go considering the state of the recorded music industry today.