Austin Music My Opinion

I love Austin Texas and don’t want to come across as a “hater” but, just because live music is plentiful in Austin doesn’t mean that the quality is world class.  The Austin live music scene is more about quantity than it is with regards to quality.  You can always find live music in Austin but, anyone can purchase an acoustic guitar from (or or… all owned by the same entity) and get a gig on sixth (dirty sixth) street (or Rainey Street).

If you want to have better odds, check out the Elephant Room or the Continental Club where they have a tendency to get quality entertainment (i.e. musicians that know their craft).

I must say that getting to Austin (if you are near a Southwest hub) is cake!  The Austin airport is extremely easy to navigate giving you even more time to experience this great city (Matt’s Famous El’Rancho, Bob’s Steak House, Terry Black’s Jack Allen’s Kitchen 360, etc…).

Austin… you ROCK!

Oh… and don’t forget about the Alamo Draft House!