2018 Winter NAMM

The NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) US music gear trade show of trade shows just ended its four day run in Anaheim, California. Every time that I hear how bad the music industry is, I would like everyone to review the 2018 Winter NAMM list of two thousand one hundred and ninety three (yes, that is 2,193) exhibitors that were in attendance selling their goods and services!!! To my surprise, my favorite new (for me) amplifier manufacturer Divided by 13 was not in attendance (also from California… 20 miles from the convention center). After doing a bit more research, many companies (Mesa Boogie, Gibson, Zon, G. Gould, Mike Lull, Moody Leather, Wren and Cuff, Knaggs, etc…) were not in attendance (I’m not talking walking the show but, not having a booth) at the NAMM show (shame, as I’m a believer in showing will increase your brand worth along with increased sales).

There’s a lot of noise (and I’m not talking about your typical noise resonating from way too many instruments in one space being played at the same time) coming from the various manufacturers on why their newly (or just about to be) released product, solution or service is a MUST HAVE item for your musical needs. To minimize the noise, simply focus on what the company does well. Here’s (videos below) an extremely short list of some of the items that I will be getting my hands on or simply like.