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Modulus Guitars is BACK IN BUSINESS!!!

Modulus Guitars is what? Talk about some pretty EXCITING news! A rumor had started in London yesterday with the sale of a used (less than 6 weeks old) 2014 Funk Unlimited (that’s the old “Flea” bass) four string. The bass (that sold) happened to be the 3rd that Modulus had...

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New Music Update – 10/24/2014.

First off, thanks to everybody that’s been digging my “Pucker Up” release from 8/12/2014! I’m working on a new single for the holidays that will be released on 12/2/2014. Look for more info in the very near future. I’ve got a “secret weapon” that I’m bringing in for the holiday...

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John Patitucci: Back in Brooklyn.

My dreams, prayers and anything else that I can think of have been answered… a new John Patitucci electric bass album is in the works… oh wait, there’s more… and a full feature documentary… Holy Moses Batman!!! Funny how I recently blogged about John and his upright (bass) playing and...

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